Loneliness Can Kill You While You Are Working from Home (Part-2)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

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When someone is missing the social interaction extensively, it may make them less motivated about working from home. Their degree of performance declines. They become unwilling day by day. Almost all of them show the major symptoms of depression. Needless to say, gradually they lose all their funs of working at home. They neither enjoy the free nor the work. And eventually they either do not stick to the telecommuting world any longer, or they simply stop working at the worst extent.

Life is not a piece of cake. So is true with this telecommuting world. Granted, it can give you lots of freedom and flexibility, but it has its own toll to take from you. It is loneliness. Many people simply feel bored while working from home. They can not stand the silence of the room. They hate only listening their own breathing every time. They find their lives monotonous.

Loneliness Can Kill You While You Are Working from Home (Part-1)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So, are you working from home? So your mind is completely free from the troubles of getting ready on time, taking travel to a long distance, or feeding on junk food every day! You do not have anyone bossing you around. You are just free with your desk, freedom and flexibility. You can work sitting at your comfy couches whenever and wherever you want to. Loving your life while working from home, right?

But have you ever felt that a little sigh is coming from your inside, you have so many words to share, but you can not? Have you ever felt jealous about seeing your friend chatting with a colleague during lunch break? In other words, are you suffering from loneliness, so are you feeling depressed? This is not only your problem, but this is a problem for many work-at-home workers. Although they are earning handsome bucks, they simply miss social interaction while working at home.

Is Data Entry Work at Home Job Right for Me? (Continued Part 4…)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

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Another vital problem associated with online data entry job is the scarcity of real job. Granted that you will get plenty of advertisements that draws your attention with catchy texts like “Only 2 hours a day can turn out to be a BIG fortune for you” or “Doing nothing, but earning huge bucks with this program”, “easy typing job can make you millionaire”, and so on. But this is not reality. Make it a point that no one can pay you for doing nothing. It is absurd and it is only a trap and nothing else. So, beware of these opportunities.

So, what you can do to find out real data entry job. You can search for local newspaper or job magazines for these opportunities. You can post your own advertisement on different places like craigslist.org. You can also apply to different authenticated and renowned job sites. Another option is always to look for virtual assistant job in which you need to perform some administrative duties apart from online data entry for your clients.

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Is Data Entry Work at Home Job Right for Me? (Continued Part 3…)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Continued from yesterday’s post

Don’t pay a single buck if someone promises you a job. This is of no use. Think rationally. If you are working for someone, that means you are selling him your talent and expertise, what the heck that you should pay him for getting a job? So this is a vital point that you must remember and be always careful to deal with.

Second point is of course post spamming. You must be careful about validating the authentication of the company or individual you are working for, if you are not paid in advance. Usually there is a very minimum or no chance of getting paid in advance under any circumstances when you are working as an individual data entry operator. So better you check the authenticity of the company or individual before start working on their projects.

Is Data Entry Work at Home Job Right for Me? (Continued Part 2…)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Continued from yesterday’s post

Since many people have a myth that working at home as a data entry operator, especially in the virtual world, is as easy as relaxing in a hot tub. Things are not so simple my dear. Many dishonest people take the advantage of this long and deep-rooted myth and psychological preoccupation of the people, and present themselves as a recruiter. They offer lucrative jobs where you have to do almost nothing, but your earnings will seem like touching the heaven. Only you need to bear a few dollars as the administrative cost, say around $49.99 or $299.99. Interesting, right?

Many people simply forget to employ their rationality and wise thinking and become the prey of these dishonest people and organization. Even during my initial days, I have been scammed by a site called thehomeworker.org. I had some misconceptions and thought since the site is carrying a suffix like .org, it can not be a cheat. But it was. It took $49.99 and I worked hard tremendously, but no use. They simply close my account without any reason and I just lost my money.

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Is Data Entry Work at Home Job Right for Me? (Part 1)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

With the advent of modern technological innovation, more and more people are now choosing work at home as a mandatory option for making their livelihood. Practically, there is a wide variety of options available in the marketplace to choose from. However, the abundance of work at home job options makes a newbie always confused about choosing the right telecommuting job for him or her. While many people think that working as a data entry operator in this virtual space can be a piece of cake, things are bit different in reality. Why? Well, let us find out here.

When you are looking for work at home job options, the first thing that will catch more of your attention is data entry job opportunities. In fact, a huge number of people usually take interest to become a virtual worker just because of getting the opportunity to work as a data entry operator. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as it seems. There are many obstacles between your wish and becoming a data entry operator in this virtual space. The first and foremost risk is linked up with scamming.

What Are the 2 Common Online Time Wasters for a Work at Home Worker?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Working at home can be a fun and full of freedom and opportunity. You can work by sitting at your comfy couches, while earning quite handsome bucks and be a reason of jealousy of your friends and relatives. But not everything is as easy as it seems in practice.

While working at home, you must be aware of the online time wasters that can cut a huge amount of quality time from your working schedule. If you can not be aware on time, it can put your professional life under serious threat, since some of these time wasters are really addictive in nature. Here are two online time wasters for you to avoid now.


This is one of the most vital time wasters that you should avoid when you are working from home. Many online workers fail to control their impulses when they are online. Instant messaging service is indeed an addictive communication system. Not only virtual workers but also general people who browse internet for casual purposes can not avoid the addictive appealing of instant messaging system.

So, when you are working online, do not ever forget to close your instant messaging application. If it is important for you to communicate with your clients using instant messaging system, do create a separate professional id for it.

Frequent Email Checking

Some people feel an impulse of checking emails frequently. It is another bad practice and should be avoided. Better you fix a particular time, say about 2 hours interval, for checking and answering your email. If you cannot do that, make a separate id for your professional emails. Needless to say, your clients must not have the addictive tendency like you to open emails frequently, so make it now.

Working from Home Is Not Something that Pays You for Doing Nothing

Sunday, July 20, 2008

With the current technological inventions, many people are not shifting their focus on telecommuting job, where they can work sitting on their comfy couches and earn handsome bucks. Since the work can be done remotely by staying at own home, many people become confused about the pattern of devotion involved in this type of job, and simply underestimate the hardship behind this job.

Needless to say that working from home is not something that pays you for doing nothing. Life is not always easy to deal with, so is true with our survival. So when you are doing something for your living, it is not a good idea to decode it as a piece of hot cake. In fact, working from home requires much more dedication from your end. ‘No boss over your head’ system never works for the people who are not self-motivated, which is why working from home option is not for every one.

So if you think that you are a hard-worker, self-motivated, dedicated and have a keen interest in earning good money over the Internet, it might be possible that working from home can be an option for you. But at the same time, you must have a consistent characteristic in your nature. Many people simply get distracted by discovering so many earning options, or it may also be possible that you become less enthusiastic when you find that you are earning quite slower than you actually expected before starting your venture.

No matter what type of job you are doing, you have to be a hard-worker, with full of potentiality and dedication. You must keep yourself updated at the same time. Always remember, you are competing against millions of people who are also trying their luck in the virtual marketplace. Beware: this is not a place for lazy people.

Are You Longing for Working from Your Home Office? Then You Better Know the Pros and Cons First!

With the recent advent of modern technology, many people are now getting the opportunity of working from their own home. If you are a regular 9 to 5 employee and usually sigh away with frustration and find the telecommuters much luckier than you, you must not miss reading this post.

Well I am not saying that working from home office is altogether bad, if I say so, my readers must not take it gracefully, since I am working from my own home. Actually what I would like to stress on is that working from home is not a piece of cake that everyone can eat. In fact, it is something that needs strong conviction and self-discipline from the worker’s end.

If you are not maintaining a minimum discipline for running your life, you life could be extremely miserable. So is true with professional domain. When you are going to your 9 to 5 office job, you have to be productive, since all offices have some strict rules that you must have to follow. If you are not able to follow the rules induced by your authority, you may end up by losing the job at its worst extent. Needless to say, almost all 9 to 5 jobs are done under strict supervision of the authoritative figures.

So, never ever consider that working from home will offer you enough flexibility. In fact, you have to be extremely self-disciplined and self-motivated to meet the deadline. It is true that by working from home you can spend time closer to your family by watching your children grow. But that does not necessarily mean that you can spend time abruptly with your family members and your bank account will automatically increase the earning. No, this is not true. Rather you have to work REAL HARD to make your living online.

Certainly, you can enjoy different features like working in shorts or nightdress and do not really bother about eating junk foods or snacks to feed your tummy. Rather you can love life by living on home made foods while watching the butterfly flying around in your garden and working from home by sitting on your comfy couches. Life is fun and it is beautiful too, if you can be organized and wise to it. Apply your wisdom and choose the correct path to design destiny of your own.

How Can You Earn Money with Squidoo?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Squidoo offers you a handsome way to earn money online. If you prefer to spend more time with your family members, while earning a good amount of money at the same time, Squidoo can be an ideal option for you. Now let us find out different modes that Squidoo offers to help you make money online. With the help of Squidoo, you can make money by providing contents through ‘lens’ or you may promote your products or sell affiliate or own products. In addition, you can also drive traffic to your blog or website to make money from it.

Creating Lens

The first and foremost important way to earn money from Squidoo is definitely by writing content for Lenses. Lenses refer to the mini website focusing on particular theme or topic. You are allowed to choose topic from your own specialization and write on that. By designing a quality lens, you can surely expect some handsome bucks in the form of profitable royalty. In addition, you can also earn money in the form of advertising revenue that will be accumulated from the clicks made by the site visitors.

Promoting and Selling Products

In Squidoo, you can promote and sell your or others’ products. This is another important way to make money online with the help of Squidoo. In order to do this, you first need to design a lens appealing to the buyers. Steps are not difficult and you only need to put few products in your lens akin to and offered by eBay online shop. Just choose a few from the millions and billions of products displayed in the eBay which are related to your website theme. Alternatively, you can sell your own products likewise. Do not forget to share them.

Drive Traffic to Blogs and Websites

With the help of Squidoo, you can bring traffic to your blogs or websites. In order to do this, you first need to find out top keywords that attract a wide number of browsers to visit your site. Put quality information in your blog so that your visitors find it worthy to visit this place. It will increase the chances of getting new readers as well as subscribers. Since the traffic volume becomes high, you will definitely earn money with it.