A New Work at Home Job Site for You

Thursday, September 25, 2008

So many of us are really interested to work from home, alas, only a few of us get the opportunity to do the same! If you are a work from home job seeker, you must be very happy to know that CWS been successfully running its work from home job sites with some improvements taking effects from today only. Here is the screen-shot of the site. Go and check by yourself only. The site contains most updated jobs from various reputed home based job sites. Keep yourself updated by becoming a subscriber of this site. Go and enjoy.

How Many Lies Are There In Network Marketing?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Today, when I was reading the book "7 Great Lies of Network Marketing", I found it really very exciting. Unfortunately, I received this book as a part of my spam email in my Gmail box, but to me, this book is good, if not great. This book is written by Ann Sieg. This book is made for free redistribution (I would like to intentionally omit the other parts), so with this blog post, I would like to redistribute this book to my readers. Please read this book and let us start a discussion system with the help of my comment box. Do you agree, huh?

Please right-click on the above book and click on the 'save target as' option to download the book. It will be saved in PDF format. It's been a good time when I am reading this book, while spending so many quality hours with my family. :o)

The Strategic Management of Home Based Employees

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Since the demand of home based workers is increasing, it is important to build up an appropriate strategy to manage them. To design a network of highly skilled and organized team members can be the most challenging factor for a team manager, especially when it comes about virtual home based employees.

At the first place, an efficient team manager must have an idea about different time zones, if he / she is about to set up the virtual team on a global basis. In addition, the team manager must possess the idea and knowledge about different updated technology and cross-cultural understanding.

The team leaders must possess the ability to collect contact information and have the skills to get to know each other smoothly. They must be able to make it clear the individual role to the other person concerned in relation to the goal and strategy to meet up the goal. They also set a rule of communication and make the best possible way to maintain the method of communication.

If you are about to work as a team manager, make it sure that you have broadened your communication skills to get in touch with the people sitting at the remote base. You must possess the skill to understand the people sitting at their own home couch. You must not show unnecessary suspicion. Rather you should have an intuitive skill to read the person in the other end.

Moreover, you must not count on the processes, rather put your focus on the performance measure. It is important that you maximize the communication with your remote team members and set the objectives on short term basis. Restating and reinforcing short term objective improves the degree of meeting the goal set. You must encourage your team members to use instant messaging and conference facility to improve virtual communication. Allow your team to meet you face-to-face at least once in a quarter. Scheduling a social event in every quarter can help to make the communication more effective.

Is Working from Home Free from Any Drawbacks?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The answer is 'Certainly not!'. Of course, working from home aids a great opportunity to make a worthy balance between personal life and professional life, but it has its own drawbacks. According to the research done by the Economist Intelligence Unit and IBM, working from home is not free from its own pitfalls. A survey done in Europe with 350 remote subjects revealed that the inadequate arrangement of management related support, required technological environment, appropriate measurement of performance level and proper skills and training, the subjects may end up with a strong feeling of isolation, under-appreciation, and mistrust, even though they work much harder than any 9-5 colleague working under the same environment and organization.

The greatest challenge faced by the working from home system is the coordination of work and the remote workers and meeting the required deadline. Over 40% of the subjects reported that they were feeling underprivileged, since they do not have the opportunity to take part in the informal 'water cooler' conversation, which is a significant part of the 9-5 system. Apart from this socialization option, they also reported that their feeling of deprivation includes not being able to be an active listener of the developmental issues of the concerned companies and other opportunities. Another important concern involves in relation to trustworthiness in their organization. This is especially common in the context of UK.

Apart from all these things, over 61% subjects reported that working from home does not secure the work –life balance at the level that they were actually seeking. Checking emails even in the evening or in the weekend with a fear of missing something important is mudding their work-life balance to a significant extent. Well, a considerable number of respondents reported that regardless of all these pitfalls, they do not really bother about their promotion, while working from their own home.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHAS) Issues of Home Based Workers

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Working from home has become an increasingly popular option for both employers and employees nowadays. However, there are several issues that need to be considered before an individual changes his / her career option and implements home based career arrangements.

The home based career arrangements are nothing but the extension of the workplace, hence occupational health and safety (OHAS) issues should be taken under serious consideration. This implies that the employers must take the basic safety issues under effect, which are:

• Does the working space have sufficient light and ventilation?

• Does the working place have a calming environment?

It is important that your employer must verify whether your home based working arrangement passes the OHAS test successfully before you are allowed to work from your home. If not, your employer might be responsible for any injuries that will be occurred during your working hours.

Are You Getting Tired of Finding Online Job? I Am Not…

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I have heard many people out there in this virtual world talking about 'no job' situation. But if I tell you that this is not true, you might show me a long list of scam jobs or no appropriate job, right? But still I would say so.

Honestly, I am not getting tired even today when I basically change my way of living. But it is very unfortunate to see that people get frustrated so easily. I am not blaming any one for getting tired, but in my experience I have seen that people are not enough motivated even if they have competency.

I hate people who always say that there is no job, even when there are so many options open. Most of the times I find many of them are not enough flexible and self-motivated to adopt themselves to the rules of the virtual world.

Well for the rest, there are few areas where they can try to apply. Here are few places for the writers where they can apply.

Freelance Writing Gigs
Online Writing Job
Journalism Jobs
Media Bistro
Absolute Write
Freelance Writing
Elance (not limited to writer's job only)

Don’t Allow Your Work at Home Career to Spoil Your Personal Life

Thursday, September 4, 2008

It is very tough to make a sweet and charming personal life and I believe that only a fortunate couple can enjoy the same. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who are able to experience a good online career of their own, but lose their successful personal life. It is important to make a balance between your career and personal life, especially when you are trying to make your career from your own home. Initially, it sounds to be very easy and hassle free, but it is actually not so.

Life is much complicated. So is true with balancing online career and personal life. Take an example. Your partner is doing a nine to five regular job. When he comes back form office, he may expect you to come to him to spend some time. But you are so much involved and absorbed in your from home job, that you don’t have time for him. Suddenly you may find that none of you need any one any longer. Yes this is not story. I am telling you the fact.

In this post, we will read few good tips about how to manage your personal life while making an online career of your own. This is some tips that I am going to share from my own personal lives. I am not claiming that these are the best tips and work for everyone, but these work for me. Check if they work for you.
Both my husband and I are doing online business. Currently we both are doing well. But we always keep a safe distance when it comes to business. Every time we have seen that we have a tendency to end up in to fighting when we deal with the same issue. May be we both are enough egoistic. May be we both have same intelligent level. I don’t know. But keeping the business separate resolves the issue. Presently, he is dealing with article dealing business and I am doing my setup for blog marketing.

We still enjoy and share many little emotions and simple feelings. We both keep everything simple. At least we try our best to keep everything simple. We try to stay transparent to each other, at least as much as possible.

Both of us love to go for dinner and we fix it all of a sudden. Although we (especially my husband) hardly ever become able to manage weekends every time, we try to watch movies in our laptop and to eat some junk (?!) foods. Take a walk in the evening, while holding each others hand. It will definitely work.

To be very honest, I believe that a relationship should be very transparent and both must have sincere feelings for each other. When you listen to your heart and become able to share it with your partner, a positive energy will be released and that positive force will definitely help you to enlighten your lives.

Are You Getting Enough Tired of the Traffic Jam? Then Why Don’t You Take 'Work from Home' Route, Huh?

Monday, September 1, 2008

When you are joining in a company, what are the things you seek for? First of all, it is probably job security followed by company ethics and discipline, right? But have you ever considered the situation from your own perspective? I mean to say, if all these factors matter to you, what about your productivity level? Are you really satisfied with your own productivity level? Have you ever thought that you can increase it quite significantly if you are not so much tired due to traffic jam?

A recent study says that we waste a considerable amount of the time in our lives just by traveling to and from office. Not just traveling, think about the pollutions, the junk foods you are eating everyday, the stress you are taking just because of office politics. Don’t you deserve something better in your life?

Here is a brief hate-love questionnaire for you. Let us see how many of these can draw your attention.

1. I hate 9 to 5 rat race.

2. I hate waking up early in the morning.

3. I hate my boring weekly schedule of going office and coming back to home, and then again going office and then again coming back to home, and the system continues.

4. I hate my supervisor monitoring me over my neck all the time.

5. I hate to stay away long hours from my family.

6. I hate to use my cars travelling during office hours, because of traffic jams and pollutions.

7. I love to watch butterflies flying around from flower to flower while working from my comfy couch.

8. I just love eating home made food during my work break, fresh and hot served.

9. I love playing with my kids during work breaks.

10. I love to excel.

11. I love doing something that I can do in my own schedule.

12. I love peace of mind and love to work without any disturbance. I also love to stay away from office politics.

If you agree to most of this love-hate questionnaire (80%), you should be serious about making a drastic shift from your 9 to 5 'boring' career to 'peaceful' work from home job option. Don’t spoil your life, don’t spoil your emotion. Live a healthy life and choose work from home as your career option.