Do You Want to Start an Online Writing Career from Home?

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Many of us are interested to start an online writing career from their home, especially those who have a strong passion and good writing skills. In this post, we will discover about 3 wonderful sites offering this exciting opportunity to make a successful online career. These three sites together can be referred to as '3 As'. Here we go. Be a Guide

If you are a renowned expert in your field and you do have the required credentials to support your expertise, you can apply to become a guide in with confidence. You must have the passion to educate other people about your subject of expertise. You can set your own hours, you can work from anywhere in the world as long as you can access Internet and you have the PC, good compensation, press access, opportunity to become renowned in the field, expert level guidance and advice, extensive promotional support and many others. According to the contract terms, a new guide is guaranteed to make not less than $725 per month.

If this interests you, what are you waiting for? Click here to start now. proudly announces openings for the post of editors in their site. The position is based on independent contract basis. They specifically welcome people from writing / editing background. If you have an extensive professional writing background, or if you have experience working in a mentoring role, you can consider yourself as a potential candidate for the given post. You must have PC but not MAC. This is one of the most important criteria.

Associated Content

If you have expertise in something, you can earn money from Associated Content too. Not really you only need to submit articles, but you can submit video, image and photos. The only drawback is that you need to stay in the United States to become eligible to earn money from associated content. Still waiting? Click now to register and start publishing.

Brief Notes on MLM Scams

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Some people are truly scared even with the names of MLM business. They think that there are practically no MLM businesses out there that can bring success. And once they trapped in them, they will end up by doing nothing but losing money and time. But this is not true. In fact, there are many MLM companies out there which are legitimate and allow you to earn handsome money with their program.

MLM itself is a legitimate system; however, there are few dishonest people out there who exploit the system in an illegitimate way. If you are fortunate enough to join in a legitimate online business, then you can make REAL money for your living, but with hard work of course. With this outstanding system of MLM business, while one can earn money in a legitimate pattern, there are few people who are creating MLM scams and daubing them in the name of MLM business.

So, how do you spot MLM scams? What are the determinants to mark MLM scams? The most popular among all is pyramid scheme. In the pyramid scheme, you will gain high profit once you make any investment in the company or in the program. So do you need to sell out any products? The simplest answer to this question is 'NO'. This program is illegitimate and illegal. In this type of MLM scams, you are actually paying money even when you are not actually seeing for what products you are paying for.

Another common MLM scam is Ponzi scheme, in which people who join in the scheme receive a promise of huge returns if they make their investment with them. However, the investment is taken to pay off the down-line to make the program longer.

Although the schemes of these companies sound legitimate, they are not in real. In most of the cases, they take money from people and run away. So you must seek answers to few questions before you participate in any MLM company.

First of all, inquire if the company is more interested in bringing new members than selling products. It is not always a good idea if they are more interested in bringing new members to the system only, because bringing new members implies higher level of competition, especially if there are less numbers of products.

Secondly, a more common MLM scam is found with nutritional supplements. Be really careful about the quality of the products before you become the member of the company. In most of the cases, their advertisements are extremely exaggerated.

Take a thorough review about the MLM business you are planning to join in. Research and do more research before you make up your mind.

Where Should You Go to Create Your Online Portfolio?

Friday, August 29, 2008

When you would like to set up your online career and make it a success in the long run, it is important to have an online portfolio in order to higher the chances of your online visibility. It is true that your online presence can higher the chances of your business success. Well, I am not saying that you need to spend long and long hours online just to stay visible in the eye of your clients or prospective clients. In fact, staying online for longer hours never increases the actual chances of online visibility. To do this, you need online portfolio, so that when you even shut down your pc, your instance still stays online, all the time.

Now the question is where you can go to create your online portfolio instantly. Here are few suggestions for you. Hope these help.

Carbonmade offers you an excellent platform to showcase your project. In the free mode, you are allowed to upload up to 5 of your projects. There are 3 different layouts to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Click on the image or the following link to discover more about this wonderful online portfolio.

If you are a writer and wish to showcase your online portfolio, you can easily go to and register yourself as a writer. This is a unique platform where writers and publishers meet. After registering to this site, you will get the opportunity to use Writers Portfolio Builder®. It is really very easy to use that any one can use, even without any knowledge of HTM coding.

What Factors You Should Consider in an MLM Business?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

If you are thinking about to start off a home business with multilevel marketing, you must seek for a reputable MLM company with proven background at the first place. So, before spending your money on any company, you should first analyze few factors, so that you can confidently jump into the business without any hesitation.


Quite obviously, this should be the first thing that you must be aware of. So before joining in any MLM company, you must verify if the company has any established and high quality service or product line that has a genuine market demand. Moreover, you must research whether the company has a genuine strive to perk up the current line-up.

Business Strategy

The MLM business stands on the recruitment of new distributors. The process is a streamline process. You must verify that the company strongly discourages and refuses the idea of 'pyramiding'. In addition, you must make it sure that the company you would like to join have a proven track record and good working ethics.

Experience vs. Training

When you join in any reputable MLM company, be sure that you do not need any prior experience in this field. It is company's responsibility to provide one-to-one training. The MLM Company also conducts inspirational seminars in addition to all-inclusive guidance on training materials. The company works on the ethics of altruism, since one's success leads to another one's success.

Family Compliant Programs

The programs conducted by any reputable MLM company are absolutely family compliant, which means any member of the family can be a part of this program. It should not be something where crude conducts can be accepted.

Nominal Fees but Higher Incentives

The joining fee of any reputable MLM company should be very less. They do not claim any hidden costs after you join. The joining fee is all-inclusive, which means it covers all the necessary fees required for registration and training materials. On the other hand, any reputable MLM company offers high incentives along with outstanding bonus plan for those people who do extremely well.

Apart from all these above mentioned factors, a reputable MLM company always offers a strong support system. You will always become inspired by real life examples. The system enables a healthy competitive environment among all the MLM marketers participating in the system. In a reputable MLM system, you are free to choose between part time and full time options.

The Disadvantages of Buying Biz Op Leads in MLM Business

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

MLM business needs active communication with other people. Certainly, this can be a benefit if you can devise it wisely. But again at the same time, it can be a major drawback if you do not possess enough skills to do the same. Communication is the most crucial and challenging factor that you need to face to become successful in generating your MLM business leads.

In fact, most of the budding MLM marketers go to their friends and family members for the purpose of lead generation. Needless to say, you know better how much time and money consuming it is! So you might need to consider buying biz op leads to solve this issue. But remember that it can be only a short term solution to your problem. Since buying can apparently seem to be an easier choice, but it brings some inevitable drawbacks.

Highly Expensive

The first major concern is of course money. It can be highly expensive. There are people who spend nearly USD 5 or more just to buy one single lead. Now calculate it in terms of 300 or 400 leads per month. Not every one has enough money to spend over on lead generation.

Continuous Flow

When your lead generation stops, it means that you do not have potential customers to continue your market any longer. This means that your business stops growing. So you need to be continuous. You have to purchase the biz op leads on a regular basis to grow your business.

Not Enough Targeted

When you buy the biz op leads with a hope of targeted customers, you are most probably going to be disappointed soon. Because, it is not really targeted and it is really hard to find out the REALLY INTERESTED people against your money you have already spent on the buying.

Lead Share

Although sharing life with life partner can be the best romantic and practical idea in life, sharing leads is just terrible when you consider it from the prospect of your own business. The lead selling companies usually sell off the same leads to many marketers. The result is inevitable. When you call a person from the list, you may end up by doing nothing, since s/he has been already chased by some other marketers for the same purpose. So what are your chances? Very less, isn’t it?

Are You Interested in Home Business? Then MLM Can Be An Option…

Monday, August 25, 2008

So are you interested in home business? You can try doing multilevel marketing (MLM) business. In this post, you can discover how MLM works and what Federal Trade Commission (FTC) comments on MLM. In multilevel marketing business, a chain of independent distributors is formed. It is intended to deliver the services or products to the end buyer without spending any extra money on the middleman.

If you would like to enroll yourself to any MLM company, you must look for a low start up fee at the first place. Remember not to choose something very costly, however, without any verified reputation. When you pay for the start up, it is the duty of the MLM system that it provides you all the necessary training that you need to succeed as an MLM marketer.

A good and reputable MLM company takes the responsibility of most of the advertising costs and requirements. In addition, you will get a decent service or high quality products to sell off. In this system, you can recruit your own distributor and receive the commission based on total sales by the distributors you have already recruited.

Comment Made by Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

In the United States, FTC recommends the prospective MLM marketers to conduct sufficient research prior joining in any MLM company. FTC strongly discourages the idea of 'pyramiding'. This is absolutely illegal. In the 'pyramiding' system, the user only needs to pay for the distributor recruitment. But they do not receive commission based on total sales generation.

You can check the website of FTC to obtain complete overview and training in relation to MLM companies and how to join them. Moreover, it offers a list of 8 checkpoints that you should verify before you join in any particular MLM company.

Do You Really Love to be Online?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Today my question is whether you really love and enjoy your staying online. Ask your mind before you take any drastic step to change yourself from a 9 to 5 officer worker to a full-time online worker. I know many people (especially some of my close relatives and friends) who only care to pay their attention over my pay checks rather than the work load involved in it.

Even today, I can't claim myself an online entrepreneur. I am nothing but a small trader who trades articles. In more simplistic terms, I am having a good and genuine client base. They provide me their requirements for articles and I prepare them with the help of my efficient team of writers and deliver to them on time. I do it with the help of my website Till to this date (read 'moment' instead of 'date'), I am making my living this way.

Today, I am writing this post instead of my wife just because I want to share something with you about my love, my passion and my determination. Once again, let me tell you one thing very clearly and honestly, I am an article trader who loves to spend his time on this virtual space.

Now coming back to my heading, let me ask you again: have you ever heard to your mind? What did your mind say to you? Please take an honest personal inventory before you make yourself fool. Here are few basic questions for you, which will definitely help you in your personal evaluation. Sorry, I don’t want to hurt anyone's feelings. I just share what comes in my mind. Excuse me guys, if you find something wrong in my post. Enjoy.

Personal Inventory:

1. Are you just greedy and checks attracting you more than the workload?

2. Do really believe that online people earn more money than their actual work volume?

3. Do you really believe that you can't work alone and need someone's supervision for optimum performance?

4. Do you easily lose your patience?

5. When you are working, if your girlfriend / boyfriend asks you for a date you were longing for. In this situation, do you really go out for the date?

6. Do you really believe that failure cannot make an individual successful one day?

7. Do you really think that you are not a workaholic?

8. Do you hate studying (and learning too)?

If the answer of 4 questions or more from the above list is 'YES', I am afraid that you are just not suitable for the online world. So please think twice, before you leave your regular job. Give me your valuable comment. I would love to receive them here at my blog. Thank you for your time.

How to Market Your Freelance Services like a Professional

Thursday, August 21, 2008

So would you like to offer your freelance services like a professional and still looking for ways to do it? In this post, you will be able to discover few tricks to market your freelance services like a professional. Here we go.

Make a Blog

Well, alternatively you can always make a blog, but I personally do not advise anyone to host site on free web hosting service. It is simply because excessive downtime or loads of advertisements or irritating pop-up windows, which are not at all professional, honestly speaking. So avoid them. If you can't afford for a paid hosting service, do create a blog at or They offer free but quality service, free from any ads, pop-ups or downtime.

Create an Online Portfolio

In order to create an online portfolio, you can take
many ways depending on your professional choice. Say, you are a 3D graphic designer by profession. There are many places out there online where you can submit your design along with your contact information or your blog address, where your prospective clients may find you. Or else, if you are a content writer by profession, you can do the same with different article directories.

Place an Advertisement in the Classifieds

If your service is based on the virtual domain, then you do not really need to bother about placing your advertisement targeting only local client base. However, if your service is locally based, you may care to place advertisement in local classified.

Do an Extensive Research to Find out Prospective Clients

Always remember that nothing in life comes smoothly. You have to put your hard work to create a good client base. In order to do this, you need to do an extensive research to find out prospective clients who need your service. Your blog or website can help you to put different promotional offers for your clients.

Home Business Idea 3: Earn Money from Offline Business

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Many people ask me whether we always need a computer and Internet connection to start a home business, my answer to this question is always 'No'. Yes, you are just hearing it right, you can still earn money from offline business, even if you don’t have internet connection at home.

In fact, there is a long list of offline businesses that you can do from your home. For instance, you can earn money from doing embroidery business. Not only over the garments, but embroidery can be done over TV cover, curtains, bed sheet and the possibility is practically endless.

Apart from embroidery business, you can do many other things, such as interior designing business, if you have a very bright aesthetic sense. I know many people who are earning quite handsomely from their interior designing business. In fact, there are many stay at home moms out there who are working in this field and setting up their own successful independent business.

Offline businesses may include flower making, doll making businesses as well. All you need to have a true passion towards crafting and have the required skills to do so. You can easily employ other people to market your product on behalf of you.

Life is just great and possibilities are practically endless. All you have to have true passion and honesty towards your work and yourself too. The success will kiss you soon!

Home Business Idea 2: Earn Money on eBay

Saturday, August 16, 2008

It is not surprising that every one has something stored in their garage or house that they do not want any longer for their own. There are many of us who do not only want to just give it away to others or throw them as garbage, but to earn some money from the entire process. So, have you ever considered this process to be integrated into your home business? Granted that eBay does not only showcase your rejected items, but many precious items are also sold from here.

It is said that “Anyone can sell anything on eBay”. It is such a wonderful buy sell and trading platform that everyone can take the benefit from. An intelligent online entrepreneur can sell other’s items to make money with eBay. Even it is possible for you to do the same to start business with eBay.

A Basic Overview to Start an eBay Business

Although this section does not cover all the minute detailing about doing business with eBay, it certainly provides you the fundamental eBay tips for starting an eBay business. Needless to say, trading on eBay and participating on eBay auction can turn out to be a great work from home business for all. In order to buy or sell on eBay, you need create an account with eBay. Whenever you buy or sell any items on eBay, you accumulate higher ranking in eBay community.

You need a computer, Internet connection and digital camera to take the photographs of the items. It is important for the sellers to take photographs of the items they would like to put on a sell offer, so that the prospective buyers can get a clear overview of the specified items. You need to write good product descriptions. You also need good research skills to find out items that sell well with a return of handsome profits. On the other hand, there are some items that are sold too frequently, however return a very little profit. You can also look into the areas of wholesale items and drop shipping.

Home Business Idea 1: How to Promote Your Products Business from Home

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Quite possibly, you have heard of this phrase “the age of competition” too frequently in these days. This is true that many business people are targeting the same niche, so the choice of business promotion rests upon aggressive marketing strategy. The companies offer different hand-out products to develop awareness of their companies and businesses to the target market.

This promotional marketing is important to boost up the sales of a company. These promotional products may come in various forms such as pens, t-shirts, calendars, coffee mugs, mouse pads, caps and many others. The company name and other contact information are printed over these products. So, when an individual uses these products, they can easily see the company name and contact all the time. This is certainly a great way of advertisement.

These companies collect their promotional products from huge dealerships. They will certainly consider printing companies to get their job done. You can play a significant role in the ordering process. You may offer them a more personalized approach. You can play the role of the middle man who plans and arranges the entire process on behalf of them. They do not need to bother about anything except paying for the process and you just handle the rest.

Although there are a wide variety of options available for you, the least expensive one is to sign up for a distributorship. Yes, you need to pay a membership fee but you will receive all the required training and relevant resources to carry out the business, to build up the best supplies needed to produce these promotional products. So, what do you need to start your own promotional business?

Apart from the required supplies, you need a computer along with Internet connection, a phone, fax and website. In few cases, you might get a website offered as an integral part of the distributorship membership. All you need to personalize this website to the success of your business. You should have sales and marketing skills accompanied by outstanding organizational ability and interaction skills, since you are working closely to both the business owners and suppliers to make sure that the entire procedure gets done in an effective and efficient way. Needless to say, it can turn out to be a great way for building an independent home business.

The Best Home Business Ideas

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today, we are going to share some exclusive home business ideas that can help you to build up your very own online business. Home business option is especially attractive for moms who need to keep a healthy balance between her financial life and personal life. Isn’t it? Statistics says that there are many work-at-home moms who are not only enjoying their home business, but also living a happy and successful family and professional life at the same time. However, these home business ideas I am going to talk about are not limited for the work at home moms, but anyone can do it to make a worthy professional career.

Basically when you are online, you have plenty of options open to your hand. You can build your own site and promote your products or other products as well. In fact, when you are doing well with your website, your website can turn out to a full-time business for you. In tomorrow’s post, we will explore only one home business option, which is “how to promote your product business”. Our discussion about home business ideas will be really long. So, stay tuned and be happy to discover the real best home business ideas here.

Online Data Entry Jobs Are Scarce

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Have You Yet Found Legitimate Home Based Jobs? (Part-2) continued from (Part-1)

It is really hard to find out legitimate online data entry jobs. They are really scarce. If you find any, do not forget to check their authenticity and legitimacy. Don’t get into trap by seeing loads of happy faces around the sites. The best way to find the legitimacy is to make a search for the review of the concerned site or company on Google. If you find something legitimate listed, then only play with your money.

Don’t Trust All E-Book Writers

Sometimes you can find many people selling their e-books and claiming themselves as the Guru on the subject. Again don’t get trapped. In most of these books, you could find nothing. However, you can always buy books on the real Gurus to have great online money making information. Today we will close our discussion here only. I am currently composing a list of good work at home sites that are legitimate. Hopefully, I could be able to manage it before my next post on this blog. Till then, stay tuned. Have a blessed day!


Have You Yet Found Legitimate Home Based Jobs? (Part-1)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Although an increasing number of people around the world are actually choosing online work as their primary source of income, not enough people can really become able to stumble upon legitimate online jobs. The result is inevitable and they end up by doing nothing but losing their hard-earned money and precious time.

Time Is Irreversible

To me, time matters more than money this time, since I always try my best to convert my time to money. When time is lost, it means money is lost. Say, if I have lost $300 today, yes, it is certainly a matter of distress, but it can be reversible in the sense that I can earn money again. But once a particular day is gone, it means it will never come back in my life.

Don’t Pay Any One to Get a Job

So when you are joining in any companies that ask money from you for doing their job, make it sure that the companies are legitimate. There are so called illegitimate online jobs around, ad pasting job. I am not sure, may I don’t have enough experience online, but I didn’t ever find any ad pasting companies can make an individual rich as they claim in 2 hours. They come in a wide variety of packages and in the name of different companies with loads of happy workers’ testimonials. All are rubbish! Please don’t go for that. I myself lost money on that. I saw others losing their money on that too. Be aware.

Is It Good If I Submit Same Article to Different Article Directories?

Friday, August 8, 2008

When I started working with my previous employer as a virtual assistant, I find the job challenging. Although it was paying very less compared to the market standard, I thought it would be worth investing time. Well, to think like that, there are few reasons of course. First of all, when I joined my previous employer, he told me that he had a long nine years of experience as an Internet Marketer. Needless to say, I was much impressed with this simple phrase and didn’t bother much about verifying the truth and credibility behind such a statement, as I had a very little experience on this virtual space.

When time passed by, I was growing with my gray matter, I found many discrepancies. In fact, there were too many, such as when I was trying to locate his blog on Google, I found nothing using the command site:, when I asked him about it and asked whether he submitted his blog following the ‘add URL’ link in the Google, he responded like he was hearing the subject for the first time in his life. Needless to say, I started getting surprised from that very point.

One day he gave me a task. The task was to register to 10-12 article directories. So I did and sent him the registration information. To my surprise, I found him giving me 3-4 articles to submit in each directory. Surprising, isn’t it? Yes I was surprised and disappointed too. How come nine years experienced online marketer can do the same thing that many ‘new’ marketers actually do?

Truly it is highly discouraged to submit the same article to different article directories again and again. When you are writing an article, and submitting it to one directory, well, it is definitely good to search engine, because it is unique. But it is not good if you are submitting it again to another directory, because this time it is a duplicate content.

Needless to say, standard search engines like Google hate listing duplicate contents. They can penalize you for that and so they can do to the article directories that care to display duplicate contents. This is why you can see that an increasing number of standard article directories are now refusing to accept duplicate contents, no matter even if it is submitted by the same individual.

So, it is important to alter your articles fairly a bit if you would like to pass it as not being traced as a duplicate content before you submit it to other directories. There are many article spinning software and you can use anyone of them gracefully to give a slight alteration touch to your articles. Play safe with your articles. After all, your motto is to earn money or get noticed through the search engines, not being penalized. Right?

Have You Heard about Bootstrap Myth?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Today, I did. When I opened my Gmail inbox mail, I found a mail came from SitePro News with a headline called The Myth of Being Successfully Solo in Business written by Mark Silver, the author of Unveiling the Heart of Your Business. I really found this as one of the most wonderful pieces I ever read to date.

Now the question is what is Bootstrap Myth actually? The Bootstrap myth says that you don’t need to take any outside help while doing your business and it is you and only you who could help your own business, and no one else on the surface of the earth. But this is a dangerous myth, especially for small business. Practically, you cannot do everything alone. You need help.

In order to avoid Bootstrap Myth, take your time to invest time on collecting information before and during your business operation. Remember, every one is a learner. So invest your time on learning. Little knowledge can turn out to be real danger. Secondly you should ask help with your financial segments. If you don’t bother much about hiring a bookkeeper to take care of your accounts on time, you will be on stake soon. Finally, hire a virtual assistant if you find the work load is high. Act rationally and realistically.

In his site, Mark taught people how to get help with money, marketing and sales in a step by step fashion. It’s a definitely wonderful piece to read on, so take your time to visit SitePro News, another wonderful and useful website with plenty of information about website design, site promotion, search engine trends, search engine optimization, affiliate programs, marketing and ecommerce and many more.

Which One You Will Choose as the Best Work at Home Career Option for You?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

As statistics reveals an increasing number of people are taking interest to work from home on a daily basis. When you are reading this blog, I can easily assume that either you are running a successful online career of your own, or you are planning to break into this virtual space, right?

Not every one of us has chosen same work at home career to earn money online. While some of us prefer to test their marketing skills in the arena of affiliate marketing, some may like to build content for others. There are some others who are interested to make their career in data entry jobs, while some others prefer blog networking as the sole option for their online success. I personally prefer doing content writing business and blogging. Now my question is: which one you will choose as the best work at home career option for you? Please feel free to share using the comment box below. Thanks for your precious time.

Why Self-Discipline Is A Must for Online Workers?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

An increasing number of people are starting to work from their own home. Quite obviously, the reason for increasing interest is easily understandable. We all look for comfort, we all love to earn money, and we all basically prefer to work on a flexible environment. Needless to say, when you are working online, all of these benefits are apparently met. But is online job just a piece of cake and everyone can enjoy its tastes? Unfortunately, the answer is ‘No’, in fact, a BIG NO.

On the contrary, working from home demands dedication, commitment, honesty, self-motivation and skill. All these qualities can only be developed if you can maintain your self-discipline. You have to be self-disciplined to obtain online success. Truly, online success demands self-discipline at your end. There is no boss over your head. There is no one who will keep his strict eyes open on you every moment. Here you are your own boss, which means you need to make yourself disciplined.

Here there is no one sitting beside your table with whom you need to compete to show your efficiency to your boss. But that does not mean that you do not have competition. On the contrary, you have lots of tough competition. Here you are not only competing to the world, but to yourself also. You need to keep yourself updated. You need to work harder to make yourself more skillful everyday. If you can’t do that, be ready to shift to 9-5 job, because soon you will find yourself standing alone without any potential client. So, it’s time to work on your thoughts and actions. Best of luck!

Loneliness Can Kill You While You Are Working from Home (Part-4)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Continued from yesterday’s post

So, if you are working from your own home, it is necessary that you take enough precautions for combating against your feeling of loneliness before it becomes too late. First of all, you should register yourself into different forums that are regularly accessed by like-minded people. When you will become a registered member of a forum, you will get the opportunity to interact with people whenever you have some spare time during your working hours.

Apart from spending time in forums, you must help yourself out by registering into different social networking sites and interact with different people. However, do not limit yourself by interacting people in the virtual space. Move outside, make friends, join clubs and so on. Remember that your life is not something virtual, but it is in all sense depending on your existence in this physical world. Don’t ignore it. Spend time with family and friends. Be happy. Well, enough of this story. Take a ride or at least a small walk in the garden to stay aligned with nature.

End of This Post

Loneliness Can Kill You While You Are Working from Home (Part-3)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Continued from yesterday’s post

Not everyone has the same instinct to stay alone all the day long. Although from a boss’s perspective, chatting between employees might be a potential wastage of quality time, it is not always so. In fact, research says that chatting between employees can turn out to be a good influencer for positive motivation, especially for people having extrovert personality.

Possibly, people with apparently introvert characteristics become more successful as an online worker. I am not stressing enough that people with extrovert characteristics do not succeed, but introvert people possess a lesser urge to interact people, and so they feel less lonely in that sense. Well, there are of course many other factors playing significant role to gain online success, apart from the distinction between introversion and extraversion.