How Many Friends Do I have? Am I Alone In This Virtual Base?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Are you feeling all alone in this virtual base? Do you feel that you lack information in some particular topic? Do you feel an urge to interact? Then visiting forum can be the right choice for you. Like any other forums, there are a wide number of forums for telecommuters, where they share their knowledge, interact with each other and also post about their service and any possible job opportunities. Forum is the great place for all virtual workers or people who spend a considerable amount of time on the web.

You need to register in the forum and then you are just ready to go. Here I am listing up few great forums for you to get registered. These forums have good resources for at home workers. With the help of these forums, you will be able to stumble upon new business opportunities, legitimate jobs and many more. You will get plenty of information about online scams. For each forum, there are forum moderators and administrators to help you out. Also your fellow members also help you as best as they can. Here we go.



theVirtualOffice said...

I think this is a great article. Missing interaction is definitely part of the downside of being a work-at-home professional. In addition to being involved in forums and sites, I think that professionals should include in-house meetings, if possible, and seminars in order to keep connected. Still, just a small issue to being employed at home. Thanks for the post.

Vivek Keserwani said...

Your Blog is awesome. I really appreciate the template. It's beautiful.

Part time work said...

I enjoyed you article. Working from home can get a little lonely sometimes without the background office chatter. Also, I like forums to be able to discuss different things that I've noticed online with others who are also doing similar work to mine. Thanks for sharing the list of forums.

WorkFromHome said...

Doing business online is hard. you need to have a lot of knowledge and strategies to be able to achieve success.

EMarketBlogs said...

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